Are you carrying extra weight around your middle? I want you to know that you can blame hormones, age, gut problems or yourself in general but that will not

solve the problem!

Mainstream media says that dropping weight is just a matter of “eating less and moving more”… but anyone with extra belly fat knows that is NOT the whole story.

In fact, all those crunches and sad salad lunches might be making it even harder for you to lose your belly fat.

Yep, you heard me right! And I can explain it all…

There are TWO main types of fat: subcutaneous & visceral.

Subcutaneous is the squishy, soft fat that sits right under your skin. (Think of the fat you can pinch on the underside of your arms.)

Visceral fat is the “sneaky” fat – it’s hidden away deep under your skin, surrounding your organs.

And it’s visceral fat that builds up around your midsection.

Not only does it look bad, but visceral fat is VERY dangerous. It’s the type of fat linked to metabolic diseases like diabetes, heart problems etc

What makes it so dangerous (and hard to lose) is that visceral fat is controlled by the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol – AKA the “stress hormone” – is one of the most essential hormones we create. When you face a stress or, your body churns out cortisol to help you get into your “fight or flight” response. Like I am in the last couple of years, constantly stressed out.

Most of us these days, we are ALWAYS stressed. Deadlines, bills due, kids, traffic… we live in a state of constant stress.

Constant stress = constant cortisol, and over time that has some negative side effects…

It increases your appetite for fattening foods especially sweet foods like cookies, and other refined carbs.

It interferes with sleep, which has a domino effect in fat gain (throws hunger hormones out of whack, interferes with proper metabolism, and lowers energy and motivation to stay active).

It spikes insulin levels, which shuts down your ability to burn fat.

It starts gluconeogenesis – when the body breaks down protein reserves into glucose for fuel or storage (this process literally takes fat from other places and dumps it in the abdomen).

It also lowers bone density, increases depression, and decreases muscle mass.

And anything that increases stress will only make all of this WORSE, which is why ultra-restrictive diets and punishing workout routines often backfire when it comes to belly fat.

The obvious solution is finding a way to lower cortisol.

So now, the good news…

There’s a natural, safe way to STOP cortisol production …vitamin C, exercise and keeping your blood glucose as steady as possible throughout the day by consuming the right amount of protein for you.

Studies show that vitamin C essentially “inhibits the secretion of cortisol.”

Listen, we can’t control stress… not always but we can try to exercise regularly and take enough Vit C and protein.

The best way to get your vitamins and nutrients is from food, so citrus fruits, kiwi, berries, bell peppers and maybe a supplement if you feel unable to take enough vit C is key.

It’s time to stop beating yourself up about your weight and start working WITH your body to get the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been.

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